Alternative Wedding Gifts for Quirky and Colourful Couples

alternative wedding gift inspirationWedding season has arrived. You’ve sent back your RSVP and may have even decided upon your outfit, but what about a wedding gift for the happy couple? And what if your friends are a particularly colourful pair or perhaps a touch eccentric? Choosing the perfect gift for quirky couples can be even trickier. We’ve put together a collection of alternative wedding gifts that will stand out from the rest and be adored.

Alternative wedding gifts - his & hers

Our articulated puppet decorations make wonderful ‘his and hers’ alternative wedding gifts. They are also easy to post if you want to send a wedding gift, but can’t make it to the big day.

alternative wedding gifts his and hers giftsThe circus ringleader and a glamorous burlesque lady have moveable joints, with pull cords to animate their arms and legs. They are great fun and make fabulously quirky wall decor.  They can also be hung from shelves or cupboards.

alternative wedding gifts cat and dog clothes hangers

For a cat and dog loving couple, these cat and dog clothes hangers make fun wedding gifts. Made from robust recycled cardboard, the whimsical hangers can be used to show off items of clothing, accessories or jewellery.

Love bugs

This beetle serving bowl is decorated with shiny scarab beetles scuttling amongst contrastingly pretty pink roses. Handmade by designer Lou Rota, this is an heirloom piece that will be much loved and admired. Insect-inspired decor can add a touch of the unexpected to a room and we are big fans over at Pompom & Twiddle.

alternative wedding gifts beetle bowlRaise a glass

For couples who love colour how about a set of coloured drinking glasses and matching jug? Made from pressed glass, the glasses and jugs come in a variety of jewel colours. Perfect for serving G&T in the garden of the new marital home!

alternative wedding gifts coloured drinking glasses and jug

A good omen

We couldn’t compile a list of alternative gifts without including our quirky paper mache cranes. Cranes stick with their mates for life and in some cultures are symbols of happiness, fidelity, good fortune, peace and longevity. All things we can only hope marriages aspire to!

alternative wedding gifts paper mache crane

Alternatively, there are our beautiful paper mache swans. Each swan in handmade with tissue paper detailing on the wings and serene painted faces.

Alternative wedding gifts swan mount

If you fancy some wedding inspiration, head over to our Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest.

I always feel pleased with myself when I find a gift that perfectly matches the taste or personality of someone. We hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration for alternative wedding gifts that will be loved and appreciated by your colour-loving and quirky friends. Have fun at those weddings and we hope the sun shines!