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5 Ways to Cheer Up Your Home Using Quirky Home Accessories

quirky home accessories quirky hallwayOnce the Christmas decorations come down your home can feel rather dull and a little bit sad. The grey skies and short days make the hope of spring seem much too far off. Thoughts of a house refurbishment or at least a repaint could well start to circulate. But, if you don’t have the inclination or budget for a complete refurb, a few quirky home accessories could be just the ticket. They can bring cheer to your home and lift your spirits.

Quirky Home Accessories - 5 Ways to Add Some Cheer


1. Wow Factor Lighting

A room won't look cosy or cheery with just a pendant light and a boring table lamp. You will need several light sources to create atmosphere. But better still, make sure at least one of your lights has wow factor. Introducing interesting and funky lighting can transform the ambiance of a room, both in terms of the light it gives off and its appearance.


This stunning multi coloured grape light gives of a wonderful glow, casting jewel coloured patterns onto nearby walls.  It brightens up the dullest day, but looks gorgeous when switched off too.

Similarly, this palm tree light from Rockett St George is divine, providing a source of light, whilst making anyone in the room ridiculously happy.


2. Inject Some Humour

Quirky home accessories that make a room feel less serious can only help the space feel more cheery and welcoming.

Typographical art, neon lights and faux taxidermy are all good options when it comes to injecting some humour into a room. Faux deer heads are all very well, but how about something a little more off the wall? Our paper mache birds are the perfect way to bring cheer and charm to your home.

quirky home accessories paper mache parrot head

quirky home accessories paper mache craneMr Crane in our hallway really does make me smile every time I walk past him.

3. Disco Ball Magic

Disco balls or glitter balls are a fabulous way of adding some joy to your home. I’ve picked up two from junk shops in Hastings in the past few months. Our 3 year old daughter has taken a particular shine to them – she's a chip off the old block!

quirky-home-accessories-disco-ball Glitter ball magic. Image - Cup of Jo - Kendra Smoot

I’m currently teaching her a bit of pointy finger disco dancing to the tune of D.I.S.C.O by Ottawan. I reckon this is also educational as it is teaching her how to spell at the same time. As an aside, if ever you need a lift you HAVE to listen to this tune, whilst watching the video - it's a complete tonic.

If we win the lottery (which is unlikely given that we do it roughly once a year) I will recreate a Seventies disco in the basement of our new mansion. It will be complete with one of those flashing dance floors and an assortment of disco balls. There will be a dressing room where guests can select flares, pointy collared shirts, sequin boob tubes, platforms or whatever takes their fancy.

4. Add Pompoms

Pompoms shouldn’t be restricted to curtains and cushions. Drape them over a mantelpiece, or embellish mirrors and pictures to add colour and cheeriness to your décor.

These coloured wool pom pom garlands are fabulous. We have a garland that we drape over pictures and shelves. It gets moved around the house on a whim. At the moment it's adorning our Exotic Paradise tropical print in the hallway.

quirky home accessories pom pom garland

5. Quirky Storage

Storage baskets come in all shapes and sizes, but ones embellished with tassels or those adorable woolly balls will add some cheery joy to your home, whilst offering a stylish storage solution.

Our exclusive storage baskets adorned with pompoms or tassels add wow factor to a room, whilst hiding away all manner of unsightly clutter.

quirky home accessories gold baskets with black pompoms


Your home should be an expression of your personality or, ideally, if you're a twosome, your personalities. Actually, let’s face it, that last point isn’t always the case, but hey ho - may the most persuasive person win!

You want your home to make you feel happy when you walk through the door. A few quirky home accessories can make all the difference and help to cheer you through the gloomy winter months until signs of spring start to appear.