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  • Enjoy Heavenly Butterfly Wall Decor

    Butterfly decor hanging butterflies from Pompom and TwiddleWhen I was small I witnessed the magical moment a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis and promptly fell in love. For a while, the other half of Pompom and Twiddle aspired to be an actual butterfly when he grew up. So, it’s unsurprising that butterflies still make our hearts soar. Some believe a butterfly landing on you is good luck. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if butterfly wall decor could bring a little good fortune into your home?

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    Quirky interiors framed beetlesAll sorts of sights can trigger wonderment – a baby being born, a bluebell wood bathed in sunlight, a breathtaking sunset. I love all of these, but in my case watching a shiny beetle or insect going about its day is another awe inspiring marvel. Some of my earliest memories are crouching down in fascination to watch bees collecting pollen or ants trooping across the patio. Insects are riveting and beautiful, more so when you look closely. These days we're always on the look out for quirky interiors that have been inspired by insects.

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  • Eclectic Floral Decor - Rooms that Bloom

    Floral decor moodboardFlowers surrounded me as I grew up. My mother and grandparents were florists and I spent my early years frolicking around vases of roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and iris – all very much in vogue at the time. When I walk into a flower shop today, it transports me straight back to my childhood. The scent of foliage and floral fragrances mingled into an unforgettable perfume. With the gates opening to the Chelsea Flower Show this week, I thought we should spend some time delighting in the eclectic world of floral decor.

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    Finishing touches multi coloured pompom trimPompoms are a much-loved adornment and something that we have a particular fondness for. These fuzzy balls of loveliness come in all types and textures, shapes and sizes. They range from classy and funky to tacky and twee. Pompoms (or pom poms) can be used for everything from trimmings and embellishments to party decorations. When it comes to finishing touches for the home, pompoms are definitely worthy of consideration, particularly if you are a fan of quirky home decor.

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