Leaf Print Wallpaper - Admiration & Inspiration of a Leafy Nature

leaf print wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst Lately I’ve had an eye on leaf print wallpaper. There are a few spots in our house that I’ve been daydreaming about transforming. Places that could do with a botanical facelift that goes beyond houseplants.

In reality, the likelihood that I’ll get around to wallpapering any time soon is close to none existent. Too much time gets taken up running Pompom & Twiddle and keeping our 4 year old on the straight and narrow. Wallpaper isn’t that high on my to do list. I'm also a little nervous of committing to wallpaper. Still it keeps nagging away and I keep on dreaming. So, I’ve gathered together my favourite wallpapers of a leafy nature to mull over.

We live in a tall, skinny Regency house by the sea in Hastings. At the seaside the light is fickle and changes at the drop of a hat. In the afternoons, the back of the house can feel quite dark and enclosed, despite relatively large sash windows.

The views from the back of the house have their ups and downs. We overlook a famous castle (built circa 1066) and the large cliff that it's built upon. To have a real life castle right outside your house is pretty magical. Plants and wind swept trees cling to the rock and sandstone. On the downside, the Council decided it would be a good idea to build a car park right below the castle and reinforce sections of the cliff face with ugly modern brick (rolling eyes emoji).

It's with the brick and tarmac elements of the view in mind that I keep entertaining the idea of wallpapering the walls at the back of the house. I reckon some sort of leaf print wallpaper would offset the less attractive aspects of our view. It will also open up our small garden and give a sense of the garden connecting with the house.

Leaf Print Wallpaper At Its Best

Leaf print wallpaper House of Hackney PampusPampus Wallpaper by House of Hackney. Image - House of Hackney

For opulence, Pampas Wallpaper from House of Hackney is right up there. Pampas depicts intertwining banana leaves, ferns and grasses. So if you want to evoke a feel of the tropics in your home, this is perfect. It comes in a green and a gorgeous blue green.

Leaf Print Alexandrie Wallpaper by Pierre Frey Alexandrie wallpaper by Pierre Frey

If you fancy walls that display a full on tropical oasis, with a nod to the past, Alexandrie by Pierre Frey is a stunner. The pink banana leaves and muted greens and blues are to die for.

I have friends in Hastings that grow banana trees in their gardens. I love the idea of wallpaper incorporating banana leaves on the walls and then looking out to real life banana leaves in the garden. Unfortunately, our garden is minuscule, so one banana plant would take up the entire space. It also gets battered by winds, so the leaves would be shredded in no time. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this vision will remain a dream.

Leaf print wallpaper Pierre Frey Rue Magazine Image - Rue Magazine

The way Alexandrie has been used on the back wall of this hallway is the kind of thing I’m envisaging. The hallway, in an apartment in Oslo, is featured in Rue Magazine (issue 47). The leafy oasis adds colour, depth and interest to the narrow space. The overall effect is more LA than Scandinavia.

Palm Jungle wallpaper by Cole & Son is another leaf print wallpaper that will bring a tropical vibe to your home. This has a warm feel and would surely help you to feel summery all year round? We didn’t have a summer in the UK this year, so that prospect certainly appeals.

Leaf Print Wallpaper Jungle Palm Cole and Son Image - The Shiny Squirrel Tumblr

Moving away from the tropics to more traditional trees – the sorts that inhabit colder climes – there’s Raphael by Sandberg. Inspired by trees in Central Park, this is a much Instagram posted and Pinned wallpaper. It comes in a four colour ways.

Leaf print wallpaper Raphael by Sandberg Amazing leafy bar by Taylor Jacobson Design. Photo Amy Bartlam

US interior designer Taylor Jacobson used Raphael Dark Blue with spectacular effect in a client’s Los Angeles home. It looks amazing in this custom bar area with blue lacquered units and gold fittings.

Leaf Print Wallpaper Taylor Jacobson Design Glimpses of the garden & leaf wallpaper by Taylor Jacobson Design. Photo - Amy Bartlam

In the adjoining room to the bar you can see how leaf print wallpaper can work on an outside facing wall, with the greenery from the garden peeking through the windows. Just gorgeous!

Leaf print wallpaper Raphael by Sandberg Dining room using Raphael wallpaper by Taylor Jacobson Design. Photo - Amy Bartlam

I love all these leaf print wallpaper designs, but I think my absolute favourite leafy wallpaper has to be this one.

Leaf print wallpaper Shadow Floral Florence Broadhurst Shadow Floral Wallpaper by Florence Broadhurst. Image - Debi Treloar

This wonderfully eclectic bedroom features on a Pompom & Twiddle moodboard above my desk. It's the bedroom where renowned interiors and food photographer Debi Treloar rests her head at night. I often found myself gazing at the botanical leafy wallpaper behind her bed, wondering where it was from. I made endless searches online, but to no avail. It got to the point where I felt as though I was going slightly bonkers. Finally, I plucked up courage to get in touch with one of the busiest photographers on the planet to ask her where her bedroom wallpaper was from.  She took time out of her busy schedule to reply - so at last I know! It’s Shadow Floral wallpaper by late Australian wallpaper and fabric designer Florence Broadhurst. Her designs are breathtaking, as is the story of her life and death.

The design depicts an abundance of exotic leafy vegetation, including plenty of luscious ferns. There are butterflies and flowers, all in silhouette form. Shadow Floral comes in a range of rich jewel shades printed on a matt brushed-silver background. Metallic backgrounds on wallpaper can sometimes be tacky, but this looks subtle, as though it would add a gentle iridescent glow to a room. For the darker back walls of our house this would be perfect.

With wallpaper, many of us worry about commitment. I certainly fret that my taste will evolve shortly after the paste table has been put away. I’ll go off it, or see another design that I prefer a few months later. Leaf print wallpaper seems comparatively timeless though. The fact that my favourite wallpaper of a leafy nature was designed decades ago and still looks so fabulous says it all really.