Metallic Inspiration for Our Kitchen Refurb

Metallic interiors Johnson Bespoke kitchen I’ve been swooning over interiors that involve some sort of metallic element for years. A splash of copper, gold or brass in a room tends to get my heart aflutter. As far as I’m concerned, metallic interiors and metallic decor are ultra glam and gorgeous.

Anything that shimmers and shines can only be a good thing. Actually, that’s not strictly true. With metallic decor it is possible to go horribly OTT – Trump family please take note.

Metallic interiors gold storage basket One of the more golden and glamourous spots in our home

At the moment our own home feels as though it’s in seriously need of some glam. There are a couple of semi-glam spots - the corners that make it onto our Instagram feed - but generally our home is in need of some sprucing.

We’ve lived in our Regency townhouse in Hastings for around 15 years, after a seriously major renovation. The building was an office when we bought it. It had been carved up into a warren of small rooms and was a complete wreck. Many of the original features had been ripped out or damaged. There was no kitchen or bathroom – just a tea making area that you wouldn’t dream of making a cup of tea in, and a loo that your wouldn't dream of going to the loo in (although sadly we did have to for a while).

We were quite happy with our kitchen over a decade ago, but now it’s on its knees begging for some attention. Everything is looking worse for wear. The paintwork is scuffed and the handles are boring. There's even a hole above our Lacanche range where we had to remove a light and tiles to rescue a pesky pigeon that had nose dived down the chimney. The pigeon was fine, but our kitchen still bears the scars.

A full kitchen refit isn’t on the cards at the moment, so it’s a revamp for us. In true me style, I keep changing my mind about the colour palette, but one thing that seems to be staying constant is my love of (most) metallic interiors. My desire to introduce some brass or gold elements to our restyled kitchen remains strong.

I’m planning on producing a mood board for our kitchen revamp. In the meantime, here’s a line up of some of my favourite kitchens that incorporate some metallic shimmer and shine.

Metallic interiors brass splash back Dahlarna Image - Dahlarna Blog

This kitchen from Dahlarna features simple contemporary cabinets and a concrete worktop, but the brass splash backs and handles take it to another level.

Our kitchen is quite dark, so I’m thinking that metallic elements will reflect light around the room. Our Lacanche range has brass and chrome elements so that would tie in beautifully with metallic splash backs or tiles.

I don’t want to go King Midas/ Trump crazy, just a few touches of shimmer here and there.

A brass splash back or two is the sort of thing I’m imagining. Brass at the base of cabinets looks fabulous too, which is something else I’ve been mulling over.

Metallic interiors bronze cooker splash back Dahlarna Image - Dahlarna Blog

I saw this stunner of a copper kitchen when it starred on George Clarke's Channel 4 programme ‘Old House New Home’. George and his team were renovating a seafront flat just around the corner from us in St Leonards-on-Sea. It turned out that the company that designed and produced the kitchen – Johnson Bespoke – is also just down the road from us.

I was literally swooning over this kitchen when I saw it. What a statement kitchen it is. Johnson Bespoke distressed the copper using sulfuric acid, giving it this amazing and unique patina.

This majestic contemporary kitchen by Naked Kitchens incorporates a stunning bronze splash back and tap. Just look how the bronze reflects light around the space. There are even bronze inlays on the handleless cabinets. That’s another swoon from me.

These brass-clad cabinets bring wow factor to this fabulous bespoke kitchen designed by Square One Design Workshop. The brass brings a welcome touch of glamour to the beautiful oak cabinets and marble.

A brass-clad cabinet like this one or the one below by Design by Us would be my absolute dream, but I doubt our revamp budget will stretch to this. I may be able to incorporate some brass at the end of one of our cabinets though.

Metallic interiors brass clad kitchen cabinets Image - Design by Us

Speaking of revamps, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Revamp Restyle Reveal. It’s a new project launched by interiors influencers/ gurus Lisa Dawson, Bianca Hall (French for Pineapple - Bianca has just completed her own fabulous kitchen revamp) and The Great Interior Design Challenge finalist Oliver Thomas. I will certainly be sharing my kitchen revamp on their Instagram hashtag #revamprestylereveal when the kitchen revamp is completed.

Metallic interiors and accents can make a real statement and create drama. A touch of brass, copper, bronze or gold can bring warmth to a room, whilst at the same time being super cool. Our kitchen is definitely going to benefit from a touch of brassy gold glam.

If you're in need of a little more metallic interiors inspiration, head over to our Metallic Decor board on Pinterest for some more shimmer and shine.