Pineapple Love and a Warm Welcome to Our Pineapple Print

PIneapple print and gold pineapple candleFrom way back when I have adored pineapples. They’re a complete feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. My love affair with pineapples has continued over the decades, so much so that we’ve just introduced a pineapple print to our store.

If there is a Pineapple Appreciation Society I'm sure its membership will have grown considerably in recent years and our love for pineapples still seems to be going strong. Anyone who thinks these quirky tropical fruits have had their day, clearly doesn’t appreciate that pineapples hold themselves way above trends.

Pineapple printPineapples are a symbol of hospitality and welcome. They’re also associated with luxury and, in days gone by, were used to display status. The wrought iron railings outside our Regency town house by the sea feature pineapples. This sounds rather posh, but they’re a bit worse for wear at the moment. They certainly don't appear to be displaying status right now, but they’ll look great after a lick of paint in the summer.

New Pineapple Print

Our pineapple print has been designed in collaboration with Sussex illustrator Evie May Adams. The print features a quirky pineapple with spiky leaves, flanked either side with white flowers. It has a wonderfully eclectic feel typical of Evie's style. The blue grey background goes equally well with dark or pale walls. It also works fabulously with gold, brass and copper home accessories.

Pineapple Print Pompom and TwiddlePineapple Adoration

The pineapple sconce that glams up our hallway next to our paper mache crane was a birthday present from my parents several years ago. I still adore it. It certainly isn’t something I will ever tire of looking at or grow out of.

Pineapple sconeA gold pineapple candle is a welcome addition to any room. I was the lucky recipient of an Anthropologie pineapple candle for Christmas. It smells divine. Wafts of pineapple and citrus fill the room even without having to light it. It also goes beautifully with our pineapple print.

Pineapple door knocker Vintage brass pineapple door knocker. Image - ChinoiserieShoppe Etsy

With the repaint of our house later in the year, I’m currently on the hunt for a pineapple door knocker to replace our existing knackered knocker. This pineapple door knocker on Etsy has sold, but gives me hope that there’s one out there for us. Ideally one that won’t get tarnished by the salty seaside air.

Pineapple flowers

For our anniversary last year, we received a bunch of baby pink pineapples. They were such a delight that I moved them around the house with me from room to room to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Baby pineapples

As far as I'm concerned, every home needs a pineapple or two. If you too are partial to pineapples keep feeling their love and do check out our quirky new pineapple print. They would also make great house warming gifts and host/ hostess gifts to thank someone for having you to stay.