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Plant Art Brings A Touch of Leafy Joy to Homes

Plant art Plant Parade printHaving grown up in a flower shop, plants have always been part of my life. Over the years, the number of plants sharing my home has fluctuated, largely according to the space available, but they’ve always been there. Recently, there has been a resurgence of plant love across the globe. With this in mind, we decided to commission some plant art to help bring a little more botanical joy to your homes.

You only have to glance at Instagram and Pinterest to see how popular green living has become. Social media is packed with stunning images of botanical beauties. Green inspiration galore can be found at fabulous Urban Jungle Bloggers, a community of plant lovers that celebrates the beauty and benefits of houseplants and greenery in urban spaces. Their recently published book Urban Jungle - Living and Styling with Plants has been a huge success.

Plant art Plant Parade Plant Parade Print by illustrator Evie May Adams

Introducing Plant Parade - Stunning Plant Art

Our plant print - which we've entitled Plant Parade - is by talented Sussex illustrator Evie May Adams. We are working in collaboration with her to produce a series of prints exclusive to Pompom & Twiddle.

Plant art Plant Parade print We love the assortment of plant pots

We met Evie last year in nearby Rye where she was holding a solo exhibition. I immediately felt an affinity with her quirky style, so was absolutely delighted when she agreed to work with us.

Green Living

We decided upon an eclectic medley of houseplants in an array of pots. The end result is a wonderfully eccentric assortment of quirky plant pots and odd cups, housing a fabulous jumble of plants. We even included a seagrass basket with green tassels just like the one we sell in our store.

Plant Print Plant Parade

Plant Parade captures the amazing variety of houseplants, from the Monstera (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) and string of pearls, to a pink spiky cactus and stunning succulents. The shapes and textures are a feast for the eyes. The palate reflects the immense diversity of colours in the plant world, but allows for a little poetic license.

This plant print is versatile and would suit a variety of decorative styles. It has a boho vibe and an eclectic feel. However, it also looks fresh and modern so works in a contemporary space.

For some people, living with plants that don’t need watering becomes something of a necessity. The delicate balance between over-watering and under-watering can mean that many plant enthusiasts have to witness their beloved plants wilting or withering. If it all gets too much, plant art is another welcome option.

Plant art undoubtedly looks best when displayed alongside houseplants. We found a spot for our Plant Parade print next to an assortment from our motley plant crew.

Plant print plant art

We are thrilled with our Plant Parade print and hope you love it as much as we do. Our thirst for houseplants and green living seems set to continue!