Pom Pom Garlands and Mermaids on Pier of the Year

Hastings pier under constructionThere are only a scattering of piers left in the UK, so its jolly good luck that we have the very best one on our doorstep. Hastings Pier has just been voted Pier of the Year 2017 – yay! Over the Easter holidays we’ve paid several visits, in sunshine and rain, for treasure hunts, ice creams and cups of Earl Grey tea. We’ve also loved the yarn bombing that has brought pom pom garlands, knitted mermaids and sea creatures to the pier.

Hastings Pier yarn bombing installation

At the moment, the pier is adorned with a fabulous yarn bombing installation. The seaside-themed wooly creations have been handmade by local textile artists, knitters, school and youth groups. There are plenty of pom poms too!

Fish chips and pom pom mushy peas

We loved the knitted fish and chips and green pom pom mushy peas!

Mermaid Love

Isadora wasn’t too sure about the life-sized mermaid and took a bit of persuading to side next to her. She then decided to hold her hand and they made friends. At Pompom & Twiddle we have some enchanting handmade mermaid decorations if you happen to know anyone who has a love for these whimsical creatures.


Mermaid decorations

Hastings Pier - Rising from the Ashes

The effort that has gone into helping Hastings Pier rise from the ashes is quite something. Built in 1872, Hastings Pier was almost completely destroyed by a fire in October 2010. Its future hung in the balance for several years before some amazing, determined people took it upon themselves to save it. They raised over £15 million and fought through goodness knows how much red tape to ensure its survival. If I were Queen I’d give them all awards too!

Hastings pier yarn bombing

Architecturally, Hastings Pier is striking and has been left as a relatively blank canvas. It's an example where less is more has worked. By creating plenty of space, attractions can change regularly and the fun and colour can be brought to the pier. So far we’ve had open-air cinema screenings, gigs, laser light shows, circuses, carousels and pirate days.

Hastings Pier Huts

Hastings pier cafe

Hastings Pier architecture

In the 1960s, the ballroom saw performances by the Rolling Stones, The Who and Jimi Hendrix. Since the restoration, the Happy Mondays and Madness have performed here.

Hastings Pier was the first pleasure pier in the UK, devoted entirely to entertainment. Hastings is a town that loves to be entertained, so it would have been an awful shame to have lost it.

Hastings Pier sea creatures and pom poms

Hastings Pier Seagull and Pom Poms

Congratulations to all the amazing people who have made Hastings Pier what it is today. Thank you for your energy and persistence! Thank you too to all the people from our local community who brought pom pom garlands, sea creatures and mermaids to our fabulous pier.