Quirky Home Decor Inspired by Birds

quirky home decor cranesAnyone browsing through our collection of eclectic home accessories can tell that at Pompom and Twiddle we are quite partial to quirky home decor. You may also have noticed that we have a bit of a penchant for birds. No, we aren’t out there with our binoculars at weekends, but do appreciate the beauty of our feathered friends, including when it comes to home decor.

Now, wouldn’t you just love to be greeted by a pink-crested crane every morning? We have a paper mache crane in our hallway. He adds personality and humour to the space and brings a smile to visitors' faces. Admittedly some people shoot him a sideways glance, but most remark on our crane with affection.

quirky home decor paper mache crane Quirky paper mache crane mount - Pompom & Twiddle

When it comes to bird decor, there is a fair bit of twee out there. You need to look for quirky home decor that draws upon the beauty of birds - the spectacular colours, their feathers, the amazing shapes. You need to look for unusual pieces and designs that are inspired by birds, but that stand out from the crowd.

These paper mache swan mounts are enchanting. Each swan is handmade, with feather detailing on the wings, crafted out of white tissue paper, and serene painted faces. The swans are individual works of art that look magical gazing down from a wall.

quirky home decor swan decor Serene and beautiful swan wall decor - Pompom & Twiddle

Quirky Home Decor Bird Inspiration

We’re certainly not the only ones with a penchant for quirky bird decor. Fashion designer Matthew Williamson seems to be a big fan too. Take a look at his sumptuous Bird of Paradise and Menagerie collections for Osborne & Little. There’s another called Sunbird. They are all Divine!

Quirky home decor Menagerie Matthew Williamson Osborne and Little Menagerie Wallpaper - Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little

Quirky home decor Birds of Paradise Matthew Williamson Osborne and Little Bird of Paradise Wallpaper - Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little

Look at that ostrich feather lamp!

Quirky home decor Matthew Williamson bird wallpaper and ostrich feather lamp Bird of Paradise Wallpaper - Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little

Matthew Williamson’s own eclectic gem of a home is also graced with bird decor galore. In fact, I think Mr Williamson would rather like one of our cranes. I swooned over his home in one of my favourite ever editions of Living etc (April 2016). Personally, I would rather have faux bird taxidermy, than a whole peacock in my living room, but I'm pretty sure this one will have departed this world from natural causes.

quirky home decor inspired by birds Matthew Williamson's home Matthew Williamson's home in Living Etc magazine / photographed by Paul Raeside

If you don’t feel you can go all out with bird wallpaper, bird wall decor, prints, cushions, lampshades or accessories will make your home sing.

Should you require something tropical, these colourful bird decorations will brighten up a dull corner and bring some birdie joy to your home.

quirky home decor tin bird decorations

For the slightly eccentric amongst us, how about a paper mache parrot gracing your walls? Perfect for the library perhaps? Or at least next to your book shelves – he just looks so knowledgeable.

quirky home decor paper mache parrot head

Bird decor is great for adding a touch of quirkiness to your home. No need to worry about whether birds are on trend. Bird decor, done with taste and panache, will stand the test of time. Head over to our Bird Inspired Decor board on Pinterest to check out more breathtaking and quirky home decor inspired by birds.