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Paper Mache Bird - Crane

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How about a paper mache bird greeting visitors in your hallway? Inject a little playfulness into your home with our paper mache crane. A bright crest adorns his head and the detail on his handsome face is hand painted. Each crane seems to have their own character.

This crane mount makes a stunning piece of wall art - they really are a faux taxidermy delight.

Cranes are highly symbolic birds in many cultures, representing everything from happiness and good fortune to peace and longevity. Dreaming of a crane is considered a good omen. Each crane is individually handmade so there may be some variations and imperfections, which only add to their personality.

Our crane looks striking paired with our Exotic Paradise print, which features a very similar looking crested bird.

Handmade from paper mache, the crane mount is light enough to attach to a wall with a picture nail.

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Dimensions: H 60cm W 14cm D20cm