Magical Butterfly Wall Decor

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Butterfly wall decor can sometimes be on the twee side, but if you search a little harder you will find some striking wallpapers and accessories out there. Butterflies are delicate and ethereal, but can also be bold and ostentatious. They can add a feminine touch to a room, but can also bring decadence and grandeur.

Some believe a butterfly landing on you is good luck. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if butterfly wall decor could bring a little good fortune into your home?

Butterfly Wallpaper Timorous Beasties Gold

Butterfly Wallpaper Bronze & Gold by Timorous Beasties

Butterfly walls

If you fancy going all out with butterfly wallpaper, Glasgow-based design house Timorous Beasties is the place to go for amazing butterfly wallpapers that are anything but twee.. The Butterfly Wallpaper range is bold and arresting and comes in a wide range of scrumptious colourways.


Butterfly Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties

Butterfly Wallpaper Blues & Silver on Pearl by Timorous Beasties

The Butterflies Wallpaper range - also from Timorous Beasties - is prettier without being pretty-pretty, and the fluorescent detail takes it to another level. Again it comes in an array of gorgeous colours. I’m particularly fond of the grey and light mauve.

Butterflies Wallpaper Timorous Beasties

Butterflies Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties

Another distinctive design is Butterfly Garden from Osborne & Little. Vibrantly coloured butterflies flutter around monochrome roses, providing a wonderful contrast. 

Butterfly Garden Wallpaper from Osbourne & Little

Butterfly Garden wallpaper from Osborne & Little

Butterfly Wall Decor - Artwork & Finishing Touches

If wall-to-wall butterflies are a tad too much for you, butterfly wall art and finishing touches may take your fancy. Butterfly artwork and prints grouped together in antique and decorative frames look striking on plain walls. 

At Pompom & Twiddle, we love our whimsical hanging butterfly decorations (and a few moths too). They look fabulous hanging from a hook as part of a collection of butterfly wall decor or individually to brighten up a bare nook.

Hanging butterfly decorations Pompom & Twiddle

Handcrafted hanging butterfly decorations - Pompom & Twiddle


Turquoise butterfly decoration as wall decor


For something completely different, our metal butterfly decorations, handmade for us in Mexico, are great for adding a splash of colour to a room.

Milagros Butterfly Wall Decorations Pompom & Twiddle

Metal butterfly decorations handcrafted in Mexico - Pompom & Twiddle

Butterflies won't necessarily bring luck to your home, but they will bring visual delight. Butterfly wall decor can be whatever you want it to be. Feminine and pretty in a bedroom. Striking and opulent. Bold and beautiful. In many ways this merely reflects the astonishing diversity of the breathtaking array of butterflies that grace our planet. What magnificent, captivating and inspirational creatures they truly are!

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