Christmas Home Decor - Have yourself a colourful little Christmas

Some of us opt to live with colour in our homes all year round. Others wait until Christmas to crank up the colour. If you are a maximalist when it comes to Christmas home decor, colourful decorations that stand out from the crowd will be sure to get your heart aflutter. Even if your palette is usually more restrained, Christmas is a good excuse to inject some colour. This year’s lockdown has resulted in plenty of people putting up their Christmas trees uncharacteristically early. 

Whether you’re expecting guests over Christmas or planning a quiet one, injecting some colour into the proceedings can only be a good thing. Adding a splash of colour to your home helps everyone get into the festive spirit.

When it comes to Christmas home decor there are a few key areas to think about.

Colourful Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

Plenty of decisions to be made here. You can opt for real – but with roots or without? A small tabletop affair so the cat and dog can’t eat the decorations? Or one that fills the entire room? How about a faux pine Christmas tree? Or tinsel - gold, silver or white? No - pink? Different styles in different rooms perhaps?

Image sources - Tree - Dying of Cute Tumblr | Vintage ornaments - Girlhula Flickr

For many  years, we’ve gone for a small rooted pine tree. I’ve been known to spend hours (at least it feels like it to my husband) choosing ‘the one’ – trying to find perfect branch placement. I think I may have some sort of Christmas tree OCD. Some years, if we’re lucky ‘the one’ is just sitting there waiting for us and my husband breathes a sigh of relief.  If the tree survives December in its pot, it’s transported to my parents’ larger garden to be kept alive until the following Christmas.  About 18 years ago, we planted the potted Christmas tree in front of my parents’ house and this is now about 20 feet tall. 

Luckily this year our tree survived in its pot and it’s currently waiting in our tiny garden to be adorned with butterflies, toadstools, pinecones and vintage decorations.

How about a tree of life?

If you’re short of space and fancy a change from pine needles embedded in your feet, how about a Mexican Tree of Life? A real showstopper, this alternative Christmas tree looks fabulous on a mantelpiece, sideboard or table. It works with dark walls or paler colour schemes.

Mexican tree of life 

Surround with twinkling candles to reflect light off the metallic paint. It looks particularly magical at night.

Christmas Lighting

Fairy lights are one of my favourite things about Christmas and I usually keep some up afterwards to get us through the winter months. Candles are also a must. This year we’ve also put up our vintage disco balls for added sparkle. 

Christmas Decorations

If you’re anything like us you will have gathered a fair few decorations over the years. We tend to buy a couple of new ones each year and now have quite a stash. Some have stayed firm favourites and come out each year. Others have been retired to the bottom of the box and wait to come back into favour.

Our handmade tin butterfly decorations and bird decorations are stunning as wall decor or colourful tree decorations.

butterfly tin decorations

Mexican tin bird decorations

This colourful felt wreath ball is bound to brighten up Christmas. It looks fabulous hanging on the inside of a front door or as a feature on a wall. Our felt ball pom pom garland looks fabulous as a tree decoration or draped over a picture. 

Felt wreath ball

felted pompoms

For added sparkle, our Twiddle Ribbon is the perfect colourful embellishment for a tree or draped over a mirror. 

Honeycomb balls are always a winner too. Mix up colours and sizes for a maximalist Christmas display.

However you choose to celebrate this rather unusual Christmas, have a wonderfully colourful time!

Please take a look at our full Christmas Collection where you will find plenty of colour, sparkle and inspiration!

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