Welcome to our new Pompom & Twiddle lifestyle and interiors blog

We are oh so happy today as we post for the first time on our shiny, new Pompom and Twiddle lifestyle and interiors blog. Pompom and Twiddle is all about the captivating, enchanting and refreshingly original. It is about the little details and quirky finishing touches that make life sweet. We hope to inspire people to embellish and adorn their homes and add a bit of twiddle to their everyday lives. Our online store offers a treasure trove of enchanting and quirky homeware, partyware and finishing touches, often with a slight twist or unexpected touch.

A selection of quirky homeware and finishing touches from Pompom & Twiddle

We are Bryony and Dominic, soul mates who together are shaping and creating our dream of running a home accessories store that stands out from the crowd.

We are lucky enough to live by the sea in the wonderfully eccentric seaside town of Hastings, on the South Coast of England, with the light of our lives, our daughter Isadora. Creativity positively bursts from Hasting’s seams and provides us with inspiration on a daily basis. Our sources of inspiration are rich and varied. They include a fondness for nature, faraway lands that we’ve visited or dream of, art and design - often from days gone by and preferably with a surprising twist. We love little finishing touches, where you can tell that an abundance of thought, creativity and love has been put into designing and making something. These and other shared loves are all reflected in our collection.

We love seeking out quirky homeware - from near and far.  At the moment, we are a tiny speck of a store, but hope our collection will grow over time. When sourcing new treasures, we look for items that can be cherished and add personality and charm to our lovely customers’ surroundings. We like nothing better than coming across interior delights that are both emotive and magical - the sort that draw oohs and aahs and make people smile. We don’t really follow trends, but tend to see what tickles our fancy and we would have in our own home or think our customers would love.

This lifestyle and interiors blog is a place to share all that delights and inspires us. Life is full of little adventures and new discoveries - we will give a glimpse into our wonderful world and show you what makes our hearts soar and sing - from quirky homeware and eclectic interiors to enchanting discoveries and healthy recipes. We've put together a Pompom and Twiddle blog moodboard to go over our desks that gives a visual flavour of what's in store.

We hope our lifestyle and interiors blog will blossom and bloom, and promise to care for and nurture it. Setting up Pompom and Twiddle is a dream come true and starting our blog today is another step on our exciting journey together.

You can read more about our story here, and join us via our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Please view our full collection of quirky homeware and finishing touches here

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